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Susan brings an extraordinary wealth of experience and a depth of understanding to the student/teacher relationship. It is the sacred ground of discovery and revealing. If you have a great desire, a hunger to learn and study, contact or subscribe to receive notices of her teaching.

What is your work in the world?

What is the one thing you have come here to do?

Life as Spiritual Practice, A Study and Support Group with Dr. Susan Rangitsch.

Illuminating the path and inspiring the commitment to begin again and again. For the adventure of deepened inquiry and for the tangible support so important to the spiritual journey. For the greater dream of our becoming. And for love…


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. You will not be led astray” —Rumi

What is your work in the world? What is the one thing you came her to do? Drawing from a lifetime of experience and in-depth study of the personal and trans-personal dimensions of consciousness, Susan illuminates the path and inspires the commitment to begin again, and again.

Apprenticeship and work-study opportunities for young adults questioning the deeper meaning of life. You will know who you are by your experience and your sensitivities.

Apprenticeship and Mentoring programs are available to a limited amount of students. Applications are reviewed as openings become available throughout the year. Apply now and you will be contacted with information about the next available opportunity.


Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes will be coming soon!

Student and Mentor Program Application

Student and Mentor Program Application