The work of wings is freedom…



To know that you are not alone. Others have forged a path through, and so will you. For those dark nights and the major events of life that change us; for understanding, assimilation and integration, for retrieval at the deepest level, recovery and resiliency, for authentic being and courage, for the potential to reach beyond and create anew, for health, well-being and happiness.

Susan draws upon thirty years of professional experience and specialized training in integrative treatment modalities. It is however, the quality of her attention and the depth of her compassion that invites one to begin from where they are. She helps you study your own life and provides tools and strategies from a lifetime of study and practice. We all have a great longing to be our undefended selves – wild and free.

Now, what will you do with your one precious life?


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“Dr. Susan Rangitsch is a wise guide, a compassionate presence, and an alchemist in the interest of transformation.”

"I have had the great honor of participating in Dr. Rangitsch’s work for several years. I have truly had some of the most transformative experiences of my life under her guidance and care. One truly has to be ready to face themself in order for transformation to occur, but Dr. Rangitsch has a unique capacity to prime the emotional and spiritual bodies towards opening, and release. "

Carley Rae

Missoula, MT, Conscious Pursuits


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