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Susan’s group work is the most profound expression of her extraordinary sensitivities. It is the arena of the Shaman where Susan connects each group member to what is common in us all and the spiritual world. She is conduit for the heightened energies of transformation, a master in the orchestration of ceremony and celebration.

Binding ourselves to love in the consecrated space of a circle, we can do together what is impossible to do alone. When one heals, we are all healed.

“Our deepest human longing is for BE-longing; belonging to the whole universe…

for belonging to our true selves, for belonging to all others…

and belonging to that unfathomable mystery that we are confronted with on every side.”

–Br. David Steindl-Rast


Awaken | Date – April 30 – May 3 | Bend, OR

A full residential retreat with Dr. Susan Rangitsch

Mountain View Retreat, along the Deschutes River, Bend, Oregon

Student and Mentor Program Application

Student and Mentor Program Application