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Susan’s group work is the most profound expression of her extraordinary sensitivities. It is the arena of the Shaman where Susan connects each group member to what is common in us all and the spiritual world. She is conduit for the heightened energies of transformation, a master in the orchestration of ceremony and celebration.

Binding ourselves to love in the consecrated space of a circle, we can do together what is impossible to do alone. When one heals, we are all healed.

“Our deepest human longing is for BE-longing; belonging to the whole universe…

for belonging to our true selves, for belonging to all others…

and belonging to that unfathomable mystery that we are confronted with on every side.”

–Br. David Steindl-Rast


"I have had the great honor of participating in Dr. Rangitsch’s work for several years. I have truly had some of the most transformative experiences of my life under her guidance and care. One truly has to be ready to face themself in order for transformation to occur, but Dr. Rangitsch has a unique capacity to prime the emotional and spiritual bodies towards opening, and release. "

Marcella S.

Portland, OR


September 28 – October 2, 2022 | Melville, MT

A Return to Our Fundamental Nature
A Residential Retreat with Dr. Susan Rangitsch
Crazy D Lodge, The J Bar L Ranch


The eye of our perception, our view out the window – this is one modality through which we perceive the world. The glass can absolutely distort our view, and if it hasn’t been tended to regularly or faithfully, there will be a lack of light and clarity in the visual world. You may experience this as a dullness, a depression, or a deep longing for the vibrancy you have felt before. Although the visual is but one modality, when we reach bravely beyond our reach, clearing away and cleaning the glass, we open to the vastness before us and all possibilities. The body relaxes. The heart begins to quiver, and we recognize that we have found our way home.