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      Susan Rangitsch

      Dear & Dangerous Ones, Yes, we are meeting tomorrow evening, 7:00. I always appreciate knowing who is not attending or who might be coming in late. Given how it has been, I begin to wonder if we going to fade out or focus in? An excellent conversation for tomorrow night. Also, on tap, and if relevant, Chapter 5, most particularly the concept of “el mojo” – the awakened eye, the opened eye. That One who is able to see what lies below the surface of thing, pages 2-4 in text, and also the issue of sensitivity, page 21. Love and light and prayers for us all.

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      Greetings to all,

      This is a blurb regarding last Tuesday’s meeting.

      The question “what mark will you make on the world” was asked at Tuesday’s circle, and I misinterpreted it to mean I am expected to be a leader of some sort. After re-reading the passage a couple of times, and realized that I don’t have to “make” a mark. I just have to leave one.

      I’ve been wrestling with the “what am I supposed to do” question for decades. What slapped me in the face as I drove the back roads were beaver ponds.

      Beavers don’t focus on making a difference, on changing the world. They just do what their instincts lead them to: survive to the point of prospering. Make ponds that will keep them and their children safe and fed. That the by-product of their ponds benefits other plants and animals by providing water, food and shelter that would not normally exist in that area never entered their picture. That just by being themselves is a legacy for not just their species, but for other entities, plant and animal.

      I can leave that kind of a legacy. I have done that, from turning off the water faucet in a public bathroom while lathering my hands with soap, to picking up trash in a bus station. I didn’t say anything; people just noticed what I was doing and they changed their behaviors. Whether they made it their habit was their choice, their decision, not mine. But I made a mark, and am leaving a legacy.

      Niffer is leaving a legacy with her food truck. Beth with her meditation groups. Karen is, just by saying she doesn’t have a clue what is being said half the time. She creates a safe space for others, where can admit what they are uncomfortable admitting, when they are in an unfamiliar situation. She is creating a legacy of honesty and bravery. And a person who is honest and brave is a very dangerous person in this society. All of us are leaving legacies. I think we just have to recognize it.

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        Susan Rangitsch

        This is a beautiful synthesis. Truly, absolutely, thank you for being the woman that you are…

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