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      Susan Rangitsch

      Dear & Dangerous Ones, hoping this third attempt at recovery sees me through. Thank you so much for your prayers and abiding love. I’ve been drawing on each of you; more than you can know. I will see you all Tuesday evening though KB will again facilitate the inquiry. As a reminder, we’re moving into chapters 3 and 4, and there is an open question from KB. “What are you gatekeeper of? And since this is a new topic, please check the notify box below.

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      Susan Rangitsch

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      Karol Jones

      Hello dear friends,
      I am asking for your help, again, in facilitating our meeting this Tuesday evening. I have really enjoyed our discussions and each of our contributions these past two weeks. I pray that Susan will continue to heal and to regain her strength. Until she feels ready to return to us at her full capacity, thank you for sharing this responsibility with me.

      Some of us have shared our thoughts and feelings about the question Susan posed a few weeks ago: “What are you gatekeeper of?”. For any of you who have come to some conclusions you would be willing to share regarding that question, I would like to begin our meeting hearing from you. Also, at the end of last Tuesday’s meeting, we talked about Estes’ ideas that we all have “eccentricities”, and that these quirks/qualities, are our “gifts”. We decided that before our next meeting, we would be thinking about how that idea applied to us personally. If any are prepared to share thoughts on this question, this too might be a good lead in to our final chapter.

      Susan asked us to let her know, if as a group we were ready to move into chapter 4. Please respond to this question before Tuesday evening so that we are clear about what to expect from the meeting beyond what I have written above.

      With love,

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      Karol Jones

      P.S. Don’t forget to click “subscribe” at the beginning of this new forum cycle, so that you will be sure to get any and all email notifications.

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      Greetings to all –

      I would like to stay with Chapter 3 (the Pacific yew and the caballero story) for a bit. It speaks of how something of value is considered worthless until it’s worth is “discovered,” and then valued.

      Something the stories don’t touch on is how the “worth” is valued, not the entity. I mentioned that the yew, once taxol was in demand, was slated essentially for over-harvest. In part by Dupont, the manufacturer/extractor of taxol, because they didn’t know anything about the tree, they just saw it as a commodity, not a resource. In part, by people who saw a way of getting large amounts of money by “harvesting” the trees illegally and otherwise, sometimes taking the lives of others to do so.

      As women, we are often seen as commodities rather than humans. Think of the typing pools of the ’60s, before copier machines were invented. The women in the movie

        Hidden Figures

      who were referred to as computers. That was their value, nothing more. It is common for people, women especially, to be seen for their abilities, not themselves.

      Has anyone else felt put into that position? A wife? A homemaker? A mother? They are titles to our function.

      Any comments on this?

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      Joan Van Duynhoven

      Before Life sucks me in. Not eccentric but I had an overbite. We were a farm family, you live with what you get. I felt rejected as a result of this and was called names related to this. THIS was just an over bite!!! OMG, but kids a mean, it seems if they can single out your weakness it is something they can use to out themselves above you.
      For me I feel it made me sensitive to deformity/differences. When I was 11 my brother went to a state hospital for orthopedic surgery. The amount of deformity there was over the top, but I loved going there and visiting and getting to know these folks.
      To my peers I wanted to say; you are perfect (and have new and up to date clothes) what are you targeting me for??
      Besides 3 hospitalizations by the time I was 10, 6 weeks long when I was 3, I was drawn to comforting others. Then on our farm, watching the vet and artificial breeder, I could more easily accept the challenges, overcoming the hesitancy to Care for people and what that required.
      In my adolescence, end of high school and on I would look at strangers and find them breath takingly beautiful. JOANI

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      Eccentricities/foibles that brought on shame/punishment; oh, gads, I’ll try to consolidate:
      I’m too loud (my voice carries, which was detrimental in speaking privately, but has served me well as a speaker, a teacher, a dispatcher, on the fire line, etc.) An older sister once sat me down and made me laugh until it sounded “acceptable.”

      I’m frequently “out of phase” with what is going on. My take on somethings is just different enough that my responses and actions are seen as inappropriate or disruptive. A detriment in elementary school, a pain in high school, politically incorrect in various work areas (federal government), but can be innovative in sticky situations because of the “thinking outside of the box” aspect.

      I tend to get too focused on minutia, which wasted time, unnecessary, and took away from the bigger picture. It has proved useful in ascertaining the correctness of documents, information and data gathering, verification and validation.

      There’s others, but these will do for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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      Susan Rangitsch

      Will see you all tomorrow evening for good conversation around chapter 4 or anything previous and unfinished. Thank you all for your love and prayers. In gratitude, always…

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      KB, here is the Helen Keller quote I mangled last night:
      “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

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